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?Know your worth. So often us mums don’t realize just how amazing we are, juggling all that we do, constantly doing things to please others and saying yes when we know we are stretching ourselves beyond our limits.

?Stop the negative talk. How often do you criticize your own unique traits that distinguishes you from anyone else. Be proud of everything you encompass.

?Love yourself- love everything about you. Your body, your personality, your resilience, your life. Always find that silver lining in every opportunity that comes your way. If things don’t go to plan, there is always a lesson to be learnt.

?Have fun- we can often find ourselves sitting on the sidelines, preparing the lunches, getting the kids ready for school, doing the pickups, making sure everyone is safe, but why can’t we still have fun ourselves and do things that bring us joy?

?Self care everyday- I think we have all heard that saying- you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take the time to fill yours. You’re not being selfish in doing so, it will actual benefit everyone around you including YOURSELF. A happy mum will result in a happy family.

?‍?‍?Play with your children- get outside with them, jump on the trampoline (providing you won’t pee on yourself ?), play at the park, when they ask you to sit with them- stop what you are doing and take in the moment. Life is so busy and we sometimes forget the most important things.

?‍♀️Love the skin your in- cellulite, stretch marks, lose skin and everything else. We all have it! (SEE MY PIC- lose skin in true force). Stop being paranoid and just be proud of what your body has accomplished over the years.

?Give yourself the opportunity to hang out with your girlfriends without your children around. Nothing like a good catch up with a friend where your attention isn’t preoccupied with your kiddies.

?Time-make the time to just be still in your own thoughts. It’s so nice to just be still in the moment and be able to reflect, set mini goals and practice gratitude.

?Feel supported- get rid of the jealousy and competition between mums. Why can’t we just support and empower each other as we are all going through motherhood together