Mummy Revival


Mummy Revival was founded after I (Stacey) had my second son Presley. I was so desperate to create a space for women to come and feel supported and encouraged to find the confidence to be best versions of themselves. Let’s be honest, after you have children, we can lose a sense of self and often our needs can be forgotten or neglected.

Mummy Revival is a holistic program for women. Its about creating a space where all women are given a space to work on their health, fitness and mental wellness. You will be educated in nutrition, coached in fitness and wellness and be part of a community of like-minded women, where you will always be seen and heard.

“Health” isn’t just about the physical, there is so much that encompasses health and a lot of it has to do with our mental and emotional wellbeing, our fitness and nutrition as well as our economic health . The Mummy Revival program intertwines all of these, as well as ensuring you are supported every step of the way.

This is your own personal online program where we will also be giving you opportunities for face to face contact, as we all know how uplifting and necessary physical contact can be.

Come and join the Mummy Revival Program and be part of a community that cares and is your biggest cheerleader.  I cant wait to do this together Let’s get ready to sore ladies and lift each other up. SUCCESS IS SWEETER WHEN SHARED!

Mummy Revival


Hi Ladies, I’m so glad that you are here. My name is Aaron and I am Stacey’s husband and the director of Body Revival Health and Fitness. I have been working in the healthy space for over 10 years and have such a passion in helping people improve their overall wellness. Opening our gyms was such a dream and it’s the best feeling knowing that our gyms have had such a positive impact on so many people’s lives.

When Stacey came to me with this for the idea of creating this Mummy Revival Program for women, I was honestly SO EXCITED! I finally saw that spark in her eyes and I knew this was a venture I wanted to support her with every step of the way. Once we had our boys, Stacey really struggled with the adjustment to being a mum, she put way too much pressure on herself as women can often do. She often would tell me how lost and alone she felt and how she struggled to find a supportive network around her. The startling thing was, I would here this time and time again from so many of our female members too, which lead me to believe ladies needed a space to feel supported.

Stacey wanted to make a difference, she didn’t want other ladies to feel the way she did and I had the confidence and belief in her to be able to make this a success. This Mummy Revival Program is an avenue for women to work on themselves, feel supported, feel empowered and for them to recognise their own worth. Its about making each lady feel heard, feel seen, feel like they matter. Its about improving their overall well-being, confidence and self-compassion.

Stacey genuinely loves seeing others achieve their goals and goes above and beyond for her members. I cannot wait for you to experience this program and be part of a group of supportive ladies empowering each other.