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A few of you have asked so I thought I’d do a post.

What are my tips for holiday:

☀️This tip came from my coach @liam_bygott. Take protein powder with you so you can get in extra protein on the days where you know you haven’t consumed enough.

? research places to eat, particularly if you want to eat food that will nourish you well. I’ll list some of my Bali favs down the bottom of this post.

? keep hydrated. Start your day with a bottle of water and make sure your hotel room is stocked with fresh water.

??‍♀️ try and do something active each day. Whether it be swimming, gym, walk, hiking, surfing.

?? don’t feel guilty for eating treats or eating more then you would usually. You are on holidays and you do what you want. If you want some ice cream after dinner, eat it and enjoy it.

?? try and be present in the moment with your family/friends. Too often we are living behind a camera and forgetting to take in the moment.


A few of my Bali favs on prior trips and this one are:



@ulookhotinbikini (thanks for the recommendation @nutritionalnancy)


@gingermoonbali (thanks for the recommendation @taras_travelling_tribe)








@kzu.wabisabi (thanks for the recommendation @anna_box @marisacoop)



I needed more time to eat my way through Bali, lol.